Barely Readable

As a special thanks, our gift to you

I’m pleased to report that the second draft is about half done. As a marker of this milestone, I share with you a synopsis (subject to change, as always) of the sort that might appear on the back of a book:

“A man can get fixated on a thing far beyond its value or the bounds of reason,” so begins Kurt’s narrative.

Kurt has a job. No one does any work, only the occasional pretend call to a nonexistent customer and the logging of a fictional sale. But it pays the bills, and he’s lucky to have it. Meanwhile he has discovered a letter trapped in a used paperback. The idea of delivering it to its intended recipient, Danielle, feels to him like a heroic act. But the only link he has to her is the man who denies being named Rudolph, a man known to each of his associates by a different name. The man is a slippery thing to hold, and the tighter Kurt grasps, the more things slip. And when his idle coworkers become manpower in his quest, things become even less sane.

Credit and thanks goes to Ross for helping identify the rough spots in the draft of this.